deVere prepares to execute comprehensive restructuring period

As deVere moves into its 15th year, and as we continue to dominate the financial advisory sector, we are preparing to begin a comprehensive period of restructuring.
As I was quoted as saying in International Investment, we are currently undertaking a strategic review of both our corporate structures and operating units, with the recent QROPS announcements in last week’s UK Budget forming part of this review in the immediate future.

With the many jurisdictions in which we operate evolving differently and at varying speeds, as well as changes to the industry in terms of regulatory landscapes and clients’ expectations and requirements, it allows us to take an overall perspective of the way forward as a business, in order to maintain and grow our market-dominating position.

The strategic review enables us to see the areas and markets where we perhaps need to reduce our presence; and where more investment and development is required, and with which products and services. And it will result in a comprehensive period of restructuring.

We are certain that it will provide the blueprint for deVere to steer a new, thrilling and rapidly-evolving era within the international advisory arena.

In addition, it’s expected that the strategic review will lead us to provide further protection and service; a wider range of advice; and a broader selection of products.

Indeed, the investment banking licence we recently received will enable us to offer innovative, specialist financial products and services, to assist our clients in reaching their long-term objectives.

As well as the investment banking licence, deVere launched its own private bank earlier in 2017.

Escalating demand from clients inspired our move into the private banking sector, as they seek asset and capital protection and growth, combined with confidentiality. deVere Group Bank St Lucia enables us to move beyond traditional banking activities and meet the requirements of clients in an ever more globalised, yet insecure, world.

As such, the 2017 strategic review will be finalised in a timely manner and efficiently, to allow us to manoeuvre through the fast-changing industry in the optimum way for our clients and the organisation. It will enable us to stay ahead of the game, become even more streamlined and further reinforce our market-leading standing.

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