Nigel Green | Welcome
12 Nov


Welcome to my personal blog where I give my thoughts on the markets and various tax issues from around the world.

Having worked in the financial advisory sector for several years and established the deVere Group to help expatriates and international investors, I feel I have had first-hand experience dealing with volatile markets, coming and going trends, recession, growth and more recession.

All these years have taught me that trends are not always a sure thing, growth is often a matter of confidence and the only way to get a payoff is by taking risks. People are always coming up to me and asking me for the one investment that’s a sure thing, and the truth is, there isn’t such a thing — the financial world is about risks — sometimes you get it right and sometimes you miss the mark but you learn a valuable lesson.

Despite the fact that the world I work in is engulfed with uncertainty, I love it nonetheless. With this blog, I don’t intend to spell out the perfect moves for financial success; instead, I hope to share my knowledge of this world; give my opinion on what is happening in the markets and the economies and contribute my ideas about where I believe the financial world is or should be heading to.

Blogging is a freedom of expression, surely a luxury, therefore I encourage you, to feel free to comment, contradict and argue for or against what I say so that we can create a space through which people can understand better the sometimes complex world of finances.