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08 Apr

Whilst in our Dubai office recently someone asked how I deal with haters. It seems the better you do, the more people hate you, they said.


Think you have crazy people contacting you or commenting on your blog or on the internet? Me too. I’d love to share some of my favorite hater e-mails, internet scam reviews, and voicemails with you all one day. Everything from billionaire, to brankrupt, deVere Scam to even being accused of being married. It’ll make you feel better to hear the stories.

It is possible to learn to love haters. But it does take some know-how and tactical planning…

1.“What others think of you is none of your business” 

 This is one of my all time favorite quotes, although I don’t know who said it.   The most important thing in life is to remain true to your values and never submit to the pressures or expectations people place on you.  Worrying about what other people think is dangerous, it gives them control over you and means we don’t always do the right thing; instead, we do the thing that everybody wants us to do. Don’t waste your time trying to please everyone!  Just be, do and offer your best!

2.If you are really effective at what you do, most of the things said about you will be negative

Being successful and the best at what you do, brings both haters and supporters.  Some people appreciate success, some people don’t.  The key is not to worry about what people think and keep doing what feels right to you (see point   If you’re getting a lot of criticism, it means that you’re probably doing something right!


‘To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”  Elbert Hubbard.

3.If someone tells you something cannot be done, it is just their way of saying they cannot do it


In little over 10 years we have built a global company, with over 70 offices serving 70,000 clients in 100 countries – Sounds impossible doesn’t it?  The truth is that if you have a vision to build something on integrity and that provides the best service you can possibly offer, how can you fail?  Our consultants are trained to the highest of standards, our customer service is impeccable and our compliance team regularly contacts our clients for feedback.  If there’s something you want, just go for it even if people think it’s impossible!

4.“Living well is the best revenge.” (George Herbert)

The best way to counter-attack a hater is to make it blatantly obvious that their attack has had no impact on you. Let haters continue to live with their own resentment and anger, which most of the time has nothing to do with you in particular. Enjoy your life, have fun and in doing so you can guarantee that you are providing the best kind of revenge possible.

5.10% of people will find a way to take anything personally

 Some people find it especially hard to emotionally appreciate that the world does not revolve entirely around them. Insecure people who are also highly ego-centred will tend to construct hypotheses about reality based on their anxieties. The lesson here is not to waste time taking everything personally, instead realise and expect that many people do. When dealing with haters, remain composed, use your head and avoid reactive responses as they are usually emotionally charged knee – jerk reactions devoid of all logic and reason that help to further inflame the situation.
6. “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid” (Epictetus)


Knowledge is power – and to be the best you can possibly be you need to constantly learn, even if people think you are stupid or foolish.  To do anything remotely interesting you need to train yourself to be effective at dealing with, responding to, even enjoying criticism… The reason deVere is the largest independent financial consultancy is because we provide knowledgeable, trusted advice and make sure our consultants remain fully up to date with ongoing training and support.

7. “Keep calm and carry on”


The slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On was a propaganda poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the aftermath of widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities.  In the face of criticism it is vital that you keep calm and carry on towards achieving your objectives.   Focus on impact, not approval. If you believe you can change the world, go for it! Do what you think is right and expect resistance and attackers along the way.

Maybe we should write a book of all things we’ve been accused of. I’ve no idea why people write the nonsense that they do . Maybe the Nigel Green deVere scam writers just have too much time on their hands. But if you get distracted by those scam writers you helped them achieve their objective.

Nigel Green deVere Group

Blog written 8th of April


It’s almost a year since I wrote this post and it’s interesting for me to review. This has been there most popular post on my blog and I find in talking with people they share my feelings.

The internet continues to be a place where face less people seem to want to drag down others. But I think more and more people realise this anonymous comments aren’t worth reading.


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  1. This is a man that has created a company with over $8 billion USD under management 70 office . He has many people sending him abusive emails . Calling him scam artist , bankrupt . I personally known him for over 8 years ,I can tell you he’s just a man that has a lot of hard work ethic and thus very successful .

    With great success becomes great haters !

    deVere SCAM – STANDS FOR

    Moving the bar higher

  2. The Pareto Principle (80:20 Rule) finds yet another application … 80% are negative and critical whilst 20% are positive and admire accomplishment and an industrious approach to life. A personal strategy is all important, something so well defined that you cannot deviate from it … the only way to recognise what is negative and be able to steer away from detraction … and satisfy all the elements in the above “deVere SCAM” … fantastic!

  3. People who spend their time criticizing and fabricating the truth are usually frustrated at their own lack of success. I have met Nigel and one things for sure, he is a decent guy who has created a market leading company! How can you criticize that!?

    Some people have too much time on their hands! Great post Nigel.

  4. Ive have worked with Nigel for the last 17 years and am always surprised at the amount of nonsense that people who have never met him say. Over the years I have know and worked for Nigel he has shown a determination to succeed and a level of commitment to reach his goals that very few people are able to understand let alone match.
    The individuals that spend their time posting rubbish on the various sites ( anonymously ) should really find a better way of explaining their personal failures and inadequacies Perhaps they should apply for the Jeremy Kyle show as the level of insult and lack of supporting evidence would be best suited to the show that to forums where genuine people are looking for advice>

    Andrew Carnegie Once Said success is very achievable and is a 3 step process

    1 Find out what you want
    2 Discover what the cost will be
    3 Decide to pay the price that your goals demand

    most people dont even get to stage one. Even less to stage two and very few indeed ever devote the time and energy needed to pay the price of there success.

  5. Unfortunately there are lots of scams out there targeting expats and also lots of misinformation. Hopefully the industry can change that and fill the web with real honest up to date information.

  6. It is always interesting to read these negative comments, especially when considering how straight forward Nigel Green is when it comes to deVere’s success and how it was achieved.
    Industry and non-industry applicants are continuously joining deVere, both of whom are equally successful. The one factor Nigel Green always emphasises, however, is that no matter what background you come from, you must be willing to LEARN because deVere are willing to TEACH and share what they know will give you the right tools to be successful. I am quite certain that a lot of those individuals who write these comments are those that thought they knew better, were proven wrong, and this is how they deal with their own failure.

    ”A man can fail many times, but isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else ” – John Burroughs

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