deVere Note Program continues to deliver spectacular results

26 Nov

Three more notes cashed in early today, meaning 33 notes have encashed this year so far. Clients received returns of 15.75%, 14% after 12 months and 10% after 6 months respectably. The notes that maturied early today are Morgan Stanley 15.75% Autocallable, Goldman Sachs US/ ASIA Autocallable Note, Goldman Sachs (6 month) – US/ Europe/ HK Autocallable Note (5)

As we approach the latter stages of the year, I always like to review the activities of the deVere business and evaluate the ways in which we have best been able to help our Clients grow their wealth. 2013 has been a particularly rewarding year for deVere Clients with several thousand already benefiting from the fantastic returns we have been able to deliver through our Structured Note program. As I said this year we have already seen early maturities on 33 sets of Autocallable Notes, providing Clients with coupons of up to 21.5% per annum. Overall we have seen early maturities exceeding GBP 100m in value during the year, all of which has been returned our Clients.

The deVere Note program is unique in that we only source products directly from the Investment Banks themselves, thereby eliminating the unnecessary costs related to third party distribution. Our scale and volume of business also ensures that we can source products for Clients on a wholesale basis and at terms that no other independent brokerage is able to match. The position of the deVere Group is in fact so strong in this area that some of the biggest Banks in the market now only deal with deVere Group and have therefore provided global exclusivity for their products to us.

Nigel Green deVere Group

Blog written 26th November


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