Monza Grand Prix

Last weekend, I attended the Monza Grand Prix in Italy where Lewis Hamilton secured the top spot for the seventh consecutive race. Over time, Monza has witnessed some incredible historic moments, famous victories and horrifying crashes that all combine to make it a truly exciting place to be. As Monza is close to Milan you also gain the benefits of being in a fanatsic city in the evening. A Milan Monza weekend is very special.

I feel very passionate about Formula One, and this track is one of my most favourite circuits, very long straights and tight chicanes, putting a premium on good braking stability and traction!

Like at many GP’s we’ve been to, you get to bump into many Celebs, such as ones below:

Daniel Ricciardo signing autographs at the Red Bull Racing Paddock. He is a fantastic driver, and although hasn’t won any World Championships yet, he’s been on the podium nine times.

As part of the Red Bull Paddock experience, we have the opportunity to go into the Red Bull garage, to see them finalising and assembling the cars.

We also bumped into David Coulthard. He actually recognised us from the last time we had a company event with him at the Red Bull racing track in Spielberg, Austria. Great convention!

Sebastian Vettel, has four straight world championship crowns and countless Formula One records! His relentless hunger for victory, is a driver to look up to!

Last is a video, of the Italian Ferrari-mad fans going mad! Ferrari came second and they still cheered for an hour!  Fantastic end to a brilliant race!!!

IMG_3080IMG_3050 IMG_3100 IMG_3153





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