London TV studio interview on why Donald Trump is dangerous

I have recently been interviewed by Holly Thomas, a prominent financial journalist, in a London TV studio about why I have become, as she puts it, “an outspoken critic of Donald Trump.”

You can watch the clip here.

The interview comes as my observations about the billionaire businessman have been making headlines in the U.S. and around the world.
The likes of Bloomberg, Forbes and The Daily Express , amongst many others, have featured my observations about the controversial tycoon who is now the frontrunner to be the Republican presidential candidate in the U.S. election.

In this on-camera interview, I was challenged on why I have been quoted as saying that “Donald Trump could spook financial markets in 2016” and why the world should be wary of “Trumponomics.”

I started off by clarifying that I am a fan of Trump in many respects as a businessman.  But went on to explain that if he were to be U.S. President – and therefore the CEO of the world’s largest economy – or even just the chosen Republican candidate, it would be dangerous for stock markets and investors and this is my primary concern.

I said that whilst his appeal lies in the fact that he speaks his mind, and he is seen as an antidote to the spin of career politicians, maybe having him in the Oval Office (and with his finger on The Button) would not be the ideal alternative for which many are looking.

It’s going to be an interesting race to become the GOP candidate and I think we can be assured that Mr Trump will be becoming increasingly controversial.

Just today (Monday), and following those comments on Muslims and Mexicans, he has taken on the emotive subjective of gun control. He predicted on CNN that “pretty soon you won’t be able to get guns.” His words come just hours before Obama is expected to meet with the Attorney General to discuss ways to toughen restrictions for access to firearms.

More of this kind of sensationalist rhetoric must surely be on the way as the more outspoken he is, the more popular (for the time being) he seems to become.

The full video of my interview is here.

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