Top 5 cities chosen by graduates in financial services sector

New York is the top global destination for graduates who successfully complete deVere’s flagship graduate programme.

We ask all grads when they pass the intensive scheme which location within our worldwide network of offices they would like to kick-start their career.  This year, 34 per cent selected New York.
The second most popular choice is Dubai (23 per cent); Hong Kong is third (17 per cent); Sydney is fourth (13 per cent) and Abu Dhabi is fifth (7 per cent).

The remaining 6 per cent is made up of other destinations.

Naturally, the top five destination choices differ with each group of graduates, but New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Abu Dhabi are regularly in the Top Ten.

It comes as no surprise that these locations are the top five chosen by young, driven, ambitious individuals about to set out on a career in the international financial services sector.  They are, of course, global finance and commerce hubs.

Indeed, there are several common factors amongst these cities, such as English being commonly spoken, they are economically and politically stable, there is a high level of international HNW individuals, and relocation to these cities can typically bring comparatively high financial rewards.

Of course, whilst there are shared traits between these destinations, they also offer different lifestyles, as well as differences in client expectations, economic environments and regulatory conditions.

With each location bringing unique opportunities and challenges, grads with different strengths and weaknesses, skill sets and ambitions will be attracted to the city most suited to them.

It is clear that the results of this recent survey show that the reach of our grad programme is extensive yet sufficiently detailed to emphasise the many global opportunities.

Furthermore, it shows that the international financial services industry appeals to an eclectic mix of talented people, looking for an immensely rewarding career.

The 18-month deVere Graduate Programme begins with training at our administration and support office in Malta, following which grads can choose which global deVere Academy they wish to continue their training, before full-time relocation when they start their career.

Once in the programme, students receive incomparable one-to-one support from a network of our established advisers, trainers, and managers, as well as mentoring from senior deVere staff, to help them achieve their dream career.

In addition, grads will be working alongside international HNW clients, with some of our most successful consultants, to gain true, ‘hands-on’ experience.

They don’t just see our high-energy, client-centric culture from the sidelines, the graduates are an essential part of it.  We encourage them to show their individual personalities, views and experiences, which coupled with our unrivalled training and mentoring, will help them to enjoy more gratifying careers.

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