deVere Group: Winner of Investor Review’s Corporate Responsibility Award

deVere Group has won Investor Review’s Corporate Responsibility Award 2016, in acknowledgement of the hard work, effort, time and resources put in by deVere teams across the globe, within the communities in which we operate.
Not only have these amazing efforts to improve the lives of those less fortunate been recognised, they are being celebrated!

Indeed, this award is for everyone at deVere who has taken part in a charity event or donated to one of the many worthy causes that are supported by people within our organisation.

Naturally, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an essential role within deVere Group, which has become increasingly integral in recent years, and set to gain further momentum in the future.

As well as the honourable, charitable reasons which are at the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility directive, in addition, CSR appeals to and helps to retain clients (research suggests that 55 per cent of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies), generates positive media coverage and enhances an organisation’s image and public perception.

Editor in Chief of Investor Review, Jonathan Miles says of this award: “Here at Investor Review, we want to highlight a spread of the corporate world’s best at all levels when it comes to the realm of corporate social responsibility.

“Our team has been pouring over firms from all around the world, from investors to retailers, banks to consultants, looking at business ethics, community involvement, charitable contributions, moral investments and responsible operations.

“Our readers span the globe, and we’d like to give them a look at some of the stand-out firms who excel in the arena – CSR is becoming more and more important as the information age makes it ever-easier for clients and the public to factor a firm’s social footprint into their judgements. As a leader in this field, this award for deVere Group is our recognition of that.”

Congratulations to everyone at deVere worldwide, and may this latest award encourage us all to undertake more life-enriching projects on a global level.

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