Investors and HNW individuals gear up to take advantage of the Trump triumph

As Donald Trump’s historic victory sinks in across the world, global investors and HNW individuals are getting ready to make the most of the win.

Markets are now recovering following the initial shock of the multi-billionaire businessman becoming the president-elect of the United States.

Earlier today, global markets went into shock after Mr Trump reached the all-important figure of 270 electoral college votes ahead of Hillary Clinton.

This shock reaction came as little surprise, as Trump was always the outsider, surrounded by uncertainty, which, of course, generates volatility in the markets.

However, the financial markets have since recovered following Mr Trump’s victory speech, predominantly due to its appeasing tone and content.  Indeed, it offered the American people assurance, and the markets reacted accordingly.

As such, due to Trump’s triumph, global investors and high net worth individuals are, wisely, getting ready to take full financial advantage.

Shrewd investors will be aware that, despite the markets’ recovery, the shock result will still lead to significant buying opportunities, as a result of Trump’s protectionist bombast throughout his campaigning.

In addition, they will also understand that Trump’s policies will mean certain sectors will perform more favourably than others.  As an example, mining and oil are likely to rally, as Trump has promised to curb environmental laws.

Furthermore, the president-elect has taken a bold stance on vowing to impose tax cuts for HNW individuals and organisations, with the aim of attracting investment, jobs and talent.

Taking all this into account, it can be largely assumed that U.S.-based and global investors will now be reassessing their wealth portfolios and financial strategies, to make the most of the Trump victory bombshell.

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