Launch of deVere Crypto app meets worldwide demand

As covered by FT Adviser, deVere has today announced we are launching our own cryptocurrency app, deVere Crypto, to meet escalating global demand.

This is our second major fintech launch within a year, and the app will be available in a matter of weeks.

Indeed, fintech is having a profound effect on the way we access, manage and utilise money, and thanks to constantly evolving technologies and soaring demand, these changes are coming faster than ever before.

In this new fintech era, cryptocurrencies have truly captured our imagination. Particularly Bitcoin. Two years ago, it wasn’t much talked about it. Fast forward, and people who invested in Bitcoin before the beginning of 2017 have benefitted from a massive price increase.

Looking back, we can see that 2017 was the year that brought digital currencies into the spotlight.

As such, in order to cater to this rising demand, we are launching deVere Crypto, a cutting-edge cryptocurrency app, available for Apple and Android. Using this app, people will be able to store, transfer and exchange five major currencies. Amongst them are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Blockchain and other fintech experts have designed the app, which, to my mind, will set a new standard in the flourishing cryptocurrency sector.

The digital world we live in absolutely needs digital currencies. For this reason, the world has changed in three key ways as cryptocurrency mania takes flight.

First, technologically. Our everyday lives are now, in effect, driven by tech. And the rate it’s doing so is increasing all the time. Not only in regard to digitalisation or existing technologies, but intelligent robots and self-driving cars – pioneering new technologies will have a bearing on every part of our lives. Our finances will be no exception.

Second, politically. We’re seeing a significant demand for currencies that are not controlled by governments and central banks. Privacy is key. With digital currency, there are no requirements to share identity, location or transaction information. Indeed, may cryptocurrency advocates claim digital currencies are the right to the traditional system wrongs.

Third, globalisation. People are now more inter-dependent and globally-focused than ever before, which can present incredible positives for trade, commerce and prosperity worldwide. Globalisation is here and it’s here to stay.

As such, deVere Crypto is designed to meet the constantly growing need and desire to store cryptocurrencies. It caters to the obvious demand.

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