Another Brexit vote is now the only way to move forward

Another day closer to Brexit, yet another rejection for the Prime Minister.

After Theresa May’s deal was again rejected in the Commons on Tuesday evening by 149 votes, Brexit must now be put back to the people, as well as the 700,000 British expats who were denied the vote back in 2016.
Yet again, politicians have failed to reach a consensus to deliver Brexit, with just 16 days remaining until the 29 March deadline.

As such, we desperately need to navigate a way out of this stalemate.

In order to do that, there are three steps that must be taken now to bring an end to the turmoil and progress forward.

First, a no deal Brexit must be taken out of the equation. Something that will likely happen tonight as MPs prepare to vote on whether to block the UK from leaving the EU without a deal on 29 March.

A chaotic, disorderly Brexit at the end of the month would signify complete political, diplomatic and economic abandon.

Second, Britain must subsequently seek to extend Article 50. However, this is something that cannot be done alone, there must be unanimous agreement from all 27 other EU countries.

That said, the European Union may only agree to an extension to Article 50 if political circumstances change. It is almost certain they will not cede extra time to renegotiate the existing unsuccessful deal.

Third, a second Brexit referendum. As well as convincing the EU to grant an extension, putting the vote back to the people now looks to be the only rational way forward as there is no parliamentary majority in the UK for any one option.

However, the 700,000 British expats who were shamefully denied the right to vote on such an important issue that directly impacts them, should also be permitted to exercise their democratic right.

In contrast to the majority of other democracies, British citizens who opt to live, work or retire overseas for over 15 years lose their UK voting rights. This is in spite of them being liable for UK inheritance tax.

This Brexit omnishambles has gone on for far too long. With Brexit set to affect economic, security, diplomatic and foreign policy decisions for Britain for several decades to come, the issue is much too important to not put the vote back to the people.

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