deVere launches cutting-edge ID verification app as fintech demand soars

deVere is launching a first-of-its-kind onboarding verification app due to skyrocketing demand for fintech solutions.

The Ident Me app provides users with a secure verification system – an alternative to conventional customer onboarding – as well as a notary services function, a first within the international financial services and fintech sector.

This is an exciting time, a time where we’ve seen the future happen a lot faster than we anticipated, with major changes in the way we live, work, and manage our finances.

The majority of this change is being fuelled by digital technologies, and, of course, our financial lives are no different.

Indeed, global demand for fintech is soaring and it is certain to become an ever more dominant part of our lives in future.

Fintech is already regarded as the ‘new normal’, as we increasingly seek immediate, on-the-go, 24/7 access to, use and management of our money, personalised services and reduced costs.

As such, because of this heightening demand, we recognised we needed to make the set-up process of onboarding to use our fintech apps as quick, easy and secure as possible.

Ident Me is a simple, safe way clients can provide identify verification for themselves via a KYC (Know Your Client) form, which is a financial services standard.

The app has a straightforward three-step process.

The first step is proof of identity, which is carried out by photographing both sides of your ID card or passport.

The second step is document capture. This is done by taking a picture of a proof of address document, such as a utility bill.

Third, is the liveness test, in which a live selfie will be verified against the ID or passport photograph.

On approval, clients will soon be able to have access to the numerous advantages of deVere’s fintech apps.

deVere has been pushing into fintech for a while now, and is now broadly recognised as a leader in this sector.

Our suite of apps include deVere Vault, a global e-money currency app and multi-currency prepaid card; deVere Crypto, a cryptocurrency app to store, transfer and exchange major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin; deVere Core, an app that allows clients to monitor their investments in real-time, on-the-go, keeping them informed with news and events that impact investor returns; and deVere Catalyst, a low-cost investment and savings app that offers best-in-class globally diversified funds.

As we are firm believers in everyone being able to access and make the most of pioneering fintech, the Ident Me app helps to further democratise financial technology.

Fintech is catering to escalating demand for on-the-go services, accelerating global financial inclusion and boosting the client experience.

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