dVAM unveils new global equity fund

Great news!

deVere, under dVAM, has launched a new global equity fund aiming to seek out firms with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Managed for dVAM by Columbia Threadneedle Investments, who were identified and selected by Pacific Asset Management, Global Equity Focus Strategy is the most recent offering from our investment product advisory division.

We’re thrilled that deVere has made the most of its size and strength within the industry to bring this exclusive fund to market.

As featured in International Investment, Investment Week, Investor Ideas and City Wire, amongst other media, this dVAM fund will utilise the vast global resources and expertise of Columbia Threadneedle Investments to locate those companies that have a sustainable edge, enabling them to continually grow their earnings above the market. 

Coupled with our current suite of products from major global financial institutions, our clients will be best-placed to achieve their medium to long-term financial goals.

As Andrew Harvie, Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ Client Portfolio Manager said: “The Global Equity Focus Strategy is a concentrated, high conviction global equity strategy which has a differentiated quality approach where the focus is on understanding the source of and risk to a company’s competitive advantage.”

He adds: “Combined with a deep regional research expertise, this allows us to create a best ideas portfolio from across the globe which is unconstrained by regional boundaries. This investment philosophy has delivered excellent performance and is 5-star rated by Morningstar.”

The team utilises Porter’s Five Forces to determine how a market supports durable competitive advantages. These Five Forces are the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitutes, the bargaining power of customers, the bargaining power of suppliers, and competitive rivalry.

These can enable firms to maintain above-average growth, and high or improving returns on capital.

Speaking about the new fund and alliance with deVere, CEO of Pacific Asset Management, Matthew Lamb said: “We are extremely excited to be working with Columbia Threadneedle and the product consultant team at dVAM to ensure that collectively we can continue to bring the very best cost active management capabilities, in the most robust regulatory structures to deVere Group and, importantly, its clients. 

“2020 was a fantastic year for active management, demonstrating that in the most turbulent of economic and political years the best active managers can and, we believe, will continue to deliver outstanding results for investors net of fees.”

Once again, the launch of Global Equity Focus Strategy highlights our commitment to our clients of introducing new defined, clear and improved value solutions to market.

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