Pax Gold joins deVere Crypto due to rising demand

Pax Gold (PAXG) has now been added to deVere Crypto.

The gold-backed digital asset joins the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, XRP and Dogecoin on our app, which we launched back in 2018, on which users can buy, sell, hold and exchange major cryptocurrencies.

Every PAXG token is backed by a piece of London Good Delivery gold bar, held in Brink’s gold vaults, the approved storage company of the London Bullion Market Association.

Completely backed by gold, Pax Gold was added to deVere Crypto due to continual, growing demand by clients for digital assets.

As I was quoted by International Investment and London Loves Business, and other media, as well as offering the reputation and credibility of a valuable physical commodity, Pax Gold provides investors with the flexibility, liquidity and security of a blockchain-based digital currency.

Of course, the burgeoning cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility. Whilst many investors favour the volatility due to the highly rewarding buying and selling opportunities, the ups and downs aren’t for every investor.

Pax Gold will appeal to those investors who want the exposure to cryptocurrencies but without the elevated volatility levels.

Crypto is a rapidly growing asset class, and one that is set to play an increasingly large role within the global financial system, with demand only growing further in today’s digitalised, globalised world.

From here on in, non-fiat money will be widely used.

We’re thrilled to now be able to offer Pax Gold, providing investors with a simple, safe way of having exposure to real, regulated gold.

Again, showing our commitment to offering clients the opportunities and rewards of cryptocurrencies.

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