My journey as a CEO of deVere Group

I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power and to become the best version of yourself, you need to constantly learn even if people think you’re not smart enough.

This idea helped me to always push forward no matter the challenges I am faced with, which led me to create one of the world’s leading independent financial advisory and fintech organisations.

It all started after I had the opportunity to go on a business trip to Bermuda. I realised there was a market gap to give personalised financial advice to expatriates and international investors from all over the world.

In 2002 we opened our first office in Hong Kong. Fast forward to today, deVere Group does business in 100 countries around the world, with more than $12bn under advisement from 100,000 clients, offering them cross-border financial planning strategies.

I think of myself as a very ‘hands-on’ leader and I enjoy speaking with people across all levels in the company. One thing I dislike is micro-managing as I think it leaves a negative impact. It’s important to have the right people in the right positions and be able to trust them to carry out their roles in the best way possible.

Together with an amazing teamwork, I focus on providing the vision and motivation to achieve the goals of the company.

As a leader, I’m also faced with tough times, both internally and externally but it all depends how you react to them. My responsibility is to find and implement solutions. When I was younger and just started working in the finance industry, I was competing against older guys who were more experienced. However, this helped me to pull up my socks and work harder than anyone else to become the most successful manager in the firm I was working for.

The finance industry is highly competitive and the best way to stay on top – besides hard work, commitment, and excellence – is to adapt and improve in a consistent manner. Client expectations and regulatory requirement are rapidly changing, making it a highly competitive market. If you want to stay at the top of your game, you have to be constantly looking at innovative ways of doing things and improving them as you do so. This is definitely one of deVere’s greatest strengths as a company.

When we were hit by the pandemic, as a company we adapted quickly and positively. We shifted from office based to a work from home policy which worked incredibly well as everyone pulled together as a team. Thanks to Zoom, we managed to carry out daily meetings with our different teams from all over the world as well as with our clients who seem to prefer it to face-to-face meetings.

As I was quoted by CIO LOOK, Over the last few years, the financial services industry has seen drastic technology-led changes. Fintech is reshaping and redefining the way in which all financial services across the board are delivered.

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