Named Most Influential Fintech Leaders 2022

I’m delighted to be named as one of the most influential fintech leaders of 2022 by Insights Success Magazine.

As well as an extensive interview with the publication, they’ve also put me on the front cover of their latest edition! A real honour! Check out the interview.

I’m particularly pleased to be included in this special edition of the magazine as fintech is something I’m incredibly passionate about. And, of course, in our industry the future is fintech.

As I was quoted by the magazine: “We’ve seen radical changes in the financial services industry in recent years that have been driven by fintech. As such, deVere is constantly bringing first-of-their-kind fintech solutions to the market that have been highly sought-after by clients.

“We are the largest, most successful fintech provider in the industry. We are truly game-changing in regard to fintech development. And this is only the beginning. Watch this space…”

As we know, there’s no stopping the fintech revolution, and digital advances are happening at breakneck speed. We’re seeing fundamental change within the financial services industry. And it’s all because of fintech.

I’m hugely excited about the digital era we’re living in and the massive potential it brings, which is why I’m thrilled to be part of the Most Influential FinTech Leaders 2022 edition of Insights Success magazine!

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