COVID-19 vaccine

November 20, 2020
The market’s ‘Great Rotation’ may catch out investors premium
Heightened noise surrounding the rotation from growth to value stocks on positive vaccine news is misguided and could catch-out investors. A number of key breakthroughs in the fight against coronavirus is leading to an unprecedented rotation in stocks, a counter movement by traders from one equity class or sector into another. A higher degree of optimism fuelled by progress towards the roll-out of a Covid-19 vaccine has led many investors across the globe to move away from Read More
November 10, 2020
Markets rally on Biden win and vaccine hopes, but investors should avoid complacency premium
Global stock markets rallied on the news that Joe Biden became President-Elect in the U.S. They were feeling bullish as a lot of the pre-election uncertainty had been removed and they foresee more stability – which they like - in the White House under a Biden administration. Indeed, as I was quoted by the Daily Mail, The Guardian, Reuters, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, The Street and Asia Times, amongst others, it’s likely that investors will even rebuff any Read More

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