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September 6, 2021
NFT market will double within a year premium
I’m confident that the booming NFT (non-fungible token) market will more than double in sales in a year as major investors continue to join the market. Recent examples over the last week include Visa purchasing “CryptoPunk,” one of the thousands of NFT-based digital avatars, for close to $150,000 in Ethereum, and Marvel Entertainment unveiling its first official NFTs in the form of Spider-Man ‘digital statues.’ NFTs are unique digital assets designed to represent Read More
April 30, 2021
NFTs: the next big investment trend or a passing fad? premium
Investors who rebuff NFTs are naïve in thinking they are a passing craze. The new digital asset class is taking the art, fashion, music and sports worlds by storm. NFTs are one-off digital assets verified through blockchain tech, providing owners with authenticity and ownership certificates. They generate unique, non-interchangeable digital tokens, and are able to be bought and sold just like other assets or property, without having a quantifiable physical form. We’re now Read More

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