Lance Armstrong hero to zero- but this is much bigger than one man and a bike

23 Oct

In many ways, Lance Armstrong’s story will continue to fascinate many. Some may even defend him, after all, they will stay, why shouldn’t you do everything in your power to win if it doesn’t harm you?

Would you take a pill that gives you energy and stops you from aging? You probably would and those defending Armstrong would argue he appears to have enhanced his body but shouldn’t people be allowed to?

Of course the answer is that the mass of evidence indicates that he has enhanced his body to win but in doing so he has cheated, broken the rules and brought shame on the sport.

It’s the shame that this brings on sport which is why this is more than one man and a bike. It’s the same shame that is brought to the financial industry when one part of it does wrong, it can and does affect the majority of people’s opinion.

Lance Armstrong made us mere mortals dream — the man who conquered a serious disease and conquered his body to win 7  Tour de France — in a journey that feels much live a Hollywood movie.

The unearthing of his doping endeavors however, has felt like being hit by a brick for many, since Armstrong’s deception has once again confirmed the skepticism some individuals have about their being authentic triumph in the world, thus urging them to retreat to their old trust issues.

The sense of disillusionment is the same lack of trust that many people now have in the financial system; one study shows that only 21% of Americans trust it .

There is a ‘deficit of trust’ in the world and it stems from ‘a rotten era’ where greed and selfishness have led to an economic crisis all over the world. Moreover, the copious amounts of information we now have access to makes it easy for everyone to know the scams and deception that are occurring the world over.

People have always known this however; they know some things are too good to be true and they should move with caution and awareness but not stop living. The financial system can be volatile, mind boggling, and yes, there are some people who abuse the system and leave many victims behind but this system can also reap you great benefits if you handle it with caution, expert advice and a fair dose of scepticism.

At deVere we don’t always get it right but we always move in an honest and fair way. I believe people would prefer it that way. I guess Lance Armstrong may well wish he had done the same!


  1. There is a fine line and he crossed it with both feet!! This wasn’t an isolated incident this was structured, planned and underhand. I feel sorry for those who deserved the real plaudits who were cheated out of their accolades. Mark

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