US continues pick up

29 Oct

Consumer Spending in U.S. increased by 0.8% last month as incomes have started to climb, this is the biggest increase in seven months.  I personally believe the US is picking up and that this will reflect in the markets shortly. 

Consumer spending in the U.S. climbed more than forecast in September as incomes grew, a sign the biggest part of the economy was picking up as the quarter drew to a close.

Household purchases, which account for about 70 percent of the economy, rose 0.8 percent, the most since February, after a 0.5 percent gain the prior month.

The US economy expanded at a 2 percent annual pace in the third quarter, helped by a pickup in household purchases as an improving housing market boosted confidence.

We have some positive momentum that I believe will gradually build. Household balance sheets are improving.  Property prices are starting to increase. There’s some pent-up demand, especially for motor vehicles. The expansion will continue.

UK fund manager Jupiter agree  ‘The most important decision that we have made in recent weeks is that we have decided not to fight the Fed; Ben Bernanke has shown his hand. His plan is to do all he can to make people feel wealthier through improving asset prices.His mission is to get US house prices and the stock market up and in doing so he hopes to create the feel good factor that will make people more willing to go out and provide demand.’

Investment is almost impossible to time but I think it’s good time to increasing exposure to the markets.

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