Cameron is playing tax blame game

30 Oct

David Cameron is playing the “tax blame game” with international corporations.   Asda today where yet another company accused of reducing it’s tax by transferring money to it’s parent company.

The Prime Minister issued fresh warnings this weekend to multinational firms in Britain that they could face investigations as he was “not happy” with the rules which potentially pave the way for them to avoid paying “tax in an appropriate way”.

Mr Cameron is slamming companies who take legal measures to minimise their tax liabilities.  Of course businesses try and mitigate their taxation as they have a responsibility to their shareholders to turn as large a profit as possible, which is both honourable and economically responsible as profit creates jobs and wealth.


He is demonising corporations for paying what he perceives as too little tax, and using incendiary language which could incite protest groups to employ ‘direct action’ tactics against major brands, when it is the government who is responsible for the legislation governing corporation tax.


For the Prime Minister to knock private firms, which are the lifeblood of the economy, for playing by the government’s rules smacks of hypocrisy.


“Politicians should stop playing the tax blame game and focus their energies on simplifying the complex tax rules as the current system, clearly, does not work worldwide.”


Earlier this month, the Public Accounts Committee claimed that Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay and Starbucks, had collectively “avoided nearly

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