Another Structured Note Pays Out!

13 Nov

We are pleased to announce that another deVere structured note via RBS has paid out early.

Autocall notes pay out when the indexes they invest in are equal or above their starting point at predetermined times.  deVere Group has been a leader in advising on structured notes notes during the last few years.

Our clients now have invested nearly a Billion pounds into these structures. Our latest success is RBS 28, this note is paying out 14% after only 6 months of investment.

This year 12 other notes that have already paid out including the following:

MS Autocallable Notes on an Emerging Markets Basket 14.00%
Nomura FTSE & S&P Autocallable Note 10.00%
RBS Autocallable Income Note 2 14.25%
RBS Multi Index Autocallable Note 14 12.00%
RBS Multi Index Autocallable Note 15 15.75%
RBS Multi Index Autocallable Note 16 14.00%
RBS Multi Index Autocallable Note 17 17.00%
RBS Multi Index Autocallable Note 18 22.00%
RBS Multi Index Autocallable Note 19 20.00%
RBS Multi Index Autocallable Note 27 14.00%

Nigel Green deVere Group

Blog written 13th of November


  1. Another resounding success and a fantastic return for our clients in what still remains a challenging economic climate.

  2. Another great return for deVere Group clients. At a time where traditional equity markets appear to have flat prospects, structured products provide both diversification and the potential delivery of double digit returns.

  3. Hi Nigel,

    We are going to start covering things like this on Investments section.

    We feel that expats need to be aware of more investment opportunities like this. We are speaking with a number of institutions and IFA’s to bring a regular feature to our website.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

    Kindest Regards

    Lisa Smith

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