Great Returns

19 Nov

We offering great returns to our clients at present. Last week I reported that our 12th note of the year had cashed in giving our clients 14% in only  6 months.  Today two more notes will cash in provided the markets don’t have a massive dive. Today’s notes will give clients 24% and 22% in the last 12 months. The notes due to cash are RBS 20 (24% in dollars) and the Morgan Stanley Mature Markets note (22% in dollars). The following notes have cashed in early for clients this year. That’s 14 notes cashed with fantastic profits this year.

As well as Goldman Sachs discretionary managed accounts which we are launching today via Skandia we are also launching a 5 year Goldman Sachs autocall with a potential 6 months cash in .

Key highlights of this new offer include:

A coupon of 14.0% ( US$ and GBP ) paid after 6 months and early maturity if markets are above starting levels

If markets are not above starting levels after 6 months, product rolls to end of years 1,2,3, 4 and 5 with the potential of 17.5% p.a (US$) and 14.0% p.a (GBP) and early maturity at each anniversary

Investments linked to HSCEI (China), RDXUS$ (Russia), Brazil (EWZ)

40% protection barrier

5 Year maturity with full return of capital less initial charge if protection barrier not breached on maturity date

4% initial Charge

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  1. Mr Green, what percentage of all autocall notes offered by deVere in 2011 / 2012 have actually called? A gambler can easily say that he has 12 winners in 2012; great, but how many losers? The whole picture would be more indicative.

    1. Good question Chris. 14 have called early this year now. All of the notes were written for 5 years with a possible early cash in. 6 notes didn’t cash in early but there are no losses. Notes aren’t for everybody but they can be useful in sideways market as part of portfolio.

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