deVere Clients enjoy spectacular returns in 2012

11 Dec

Over the past few years the deVere Group has been a pioneering force in the continued expansion and development of the international Structured Note market place. In so doing we have continually strived to design and deliver investment solutions for Clients that provide substantial above cash returns but still offer high degrees of capital protection, in what have been uncertain times. This agenda has resulted in the introduction of many new product types and has afforded deVere Clients the opportunity to benefit from exclusive investments solutions constructed with a number of the world’s largest and most secure banks, including Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Scotland and many more.


As an example of our innovative approach to the Structured Note market, we have developed a comprehensive range of Autocallable Notes. These products are constructed to generated substantial returns in sideways or positive markets and at the same time provide Clients with significant levels of capital protection in the event of material market falls. In addition, these products also benefit from the added potential to mature early. During 2012 deVere Clients have benefited from 12 deVere Autocallable Notes maturing early with coupon pay-outs of up to 14% (for products maturing after six months) and coupons of up to 22% for products that have matured after just one year.


The most recent example of this continued success is demonstrated by the RBS Autocallable Note 30. This particular investment linked to the Eurostoxx, S&P 500 and FTSE 100 indexes matured yesterday after just 6 months of operation and Clients invested in this particular Note received coupons of 12.75% in both US$ and GBP.


Nigel Green deVere Group

Blog written December 11th





  1. Absolutely correct, great returns in a turbulent year. With the FTSE jumping between lows of 5,260 and highs of 5,961 and volatility of 12.4% to be able to deliver these stable but yet high returns has been a very positive step for deVere and its clients.

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