UK Pension Age To Rise Again

24 Dec
David Cameron and Nick Clegg are to relaunch the coalition in the new year with a promise to overhaul the way that Britain cares for its growing elderly population, with reforms to pensions and social care according to today’s FT. 
At the centre of the programme is a commitment to introduce a new single tier state pension of about £140-a-week, sweeping away a multilayered system of state provision and a reliance on means-tested benefits.

Iain Duncan Smith, welfare secretary, has been aguing with the chancellor – who insists that the new system should be cost-neutral – but allies of Mr Duncan Smith say a deal has been struck with the Treasury.

A simplier system would of course be but for all concerned.  Although the Government may claim that any changes are essentially  cost neutral its generally believered that the believed that the Government will in fact reducing costs by increasing the pension age,

We will watch with interest to see what the changes are.

Nigel Green deVere Group blog


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