Two half marathons for charity follow the ‘world tour’ of deVere Group offices

15 Jan

The countdown to my challenge to complete two half marathons, just seven days apart, has begun!  

But, with me about to set off on an extensive and busy ‘world tour’ of many of the deVere Group’s offices, my race training will have to be ‘sandwiched’ in between a packed schedule of flights and meetings.  Thinking about it, the idea of a Brit training in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the US for races in two different European capitals is ‘very deVere’, isn’t it?

So, what’s the challenge all about?

In a bid to raise £100,000 for good causes, I will participate in the 2013 Land Rover Malta Marathon on Sunday 24th February and, with that finishing line barely out of sight, will take part in the 2013 Semi Marathon de Paris on Sunday 3rd March.

Two years ago, when I ran in the Malta half marathon, the final total raised was £77,000.  This year, with this back-to-back challenge, the aim is to raise at least £100,000.

The monies will support international and local charities – as a responsible corporation, we’re continually striving to enhance the communities in which we operate.

I’ll be pounding the streets with a fantastic team of runners from the office in Malta and from our base in the French capital.  I’m sure both days will be great fun – if not a little demanding – and I’m looking forward to raising lots of money for those less fortunate than ourselves.

To do this, of course, I’m relying on the generosity of my deVere Group colleagues, staff, families, and others.  Donations of any amount will help us reach the target and the money raised will make a big difference to the good

causes, especially in these economically challenging times when charities across the world have noticed sharp declines in donations.

I’d like to thank everyone who has already signaled their support by donating and I’m hoping many more will do the same too.

Beyond wanting to raise a substantial amount of money for life-enhancing organisations, the reason this challenge of completing two 21 kilometre runs within seven days appeals is because it requires determination, discipline, hard work, and a desire to unlock one’s full potential and raise oneself up again and again.  These are values that I admire in others, values that underpin the deVere Group’s day-to-day dealings with clients and colleagues.

I hope you can donate to help us reach the £100,000 objective.  Please email your pledge to [email protected]. I look forward to thanking as many of you as possible personally during my forthcoming ‘world tour.’

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