UK Companies Fail in USA

17 Apr

UK companies seem to fail in the USA!! Today Tesco confirmed a loss of over a billion as they pulled out of the USA.  Sainsbury, Marks & Spencer and HMV are past failures in the USA.

Ever wondered why companies that are so successful in other parts of the globe, fail when they embark on their American dream?  



Every company that fails in the US says ‘it’s different in the US’ but to be frank, I travel the world and everywhere I go people say ‘yes but its different here’.  I believe that this kind of thinking is the root cause of their failure, the laws maybe different and yes you need to adapt but the general rules of business still apply.


If you have a working business model and stick to what you are good at, how can you fail?  People are people, business is business!


The fundamental error firms make is that they change their business models to what they think will be right in America, instead of sticking to a business model that has already worked for them in the past.


For your company to succeed in any part of the world, you need to recruit top quality people, you need to train them well, you need to maintain high activity levels and you need to provide the very best products available in the market place.


Mix these 4 key points together and you have a winning combination.


This is why deVere New York and deVere Miami have gone from strength to strength.   We provide our staff with excellent ongoing training, we provide our customers with market leading products and above all – our Advisers are motivated to provide our clients with the very best Financial Advice and products available.


I believe that these values will see both deVere New York and deVere Miami grow bigger and stronger, time will prove whether I’m right or not.


Nigel Green deVere Group

Blog written 17th April


  1. That is a really great point. They just try too hard and entrepreneurs who are typically quite opinionated just bend too far when opening up in the U.S perhaps caused by the fear due to all the previous UK businesses which have failed there.

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