Another Structured Note Pays Out Early

28 May

I’m delighted to report that another Structured Note paid out today giving clients just over 20% in 12 months. 

Todays pay out is the 15th Structured Note that has paid out high returns to clients early this year. This particular note is  RBS Autocallable 29 – paying 15.00% in GBP and 20.50% in USD.


Initial Fixings:

Index Price Date
HSCEI Index 9,539.29


RDXUSD Index 1,422.07


EWZ UP Equity 52.01



Final Fixings:

Index Price Date
HSCEI Index 10,746.70


RDXUSD Index 1,642.91


EWZ UP Equity 54.63


Structured Notes aren’t for all investors but can be an excellent part of a clients portfolio when used to diversify their investments

The financial industry in the UK and the USA use structured notes on a regular basis not they are less common in the international market.

Investors are currently placing record amounts of money into U.S. balanced funds, whose freedom to buy stocks and bonds made them barometers for gains in the biggest bull markets of the past half century.

This  shows the early stages of the recovery process .We’re four years into a bull market and levels of stock ownership remain very, very low by historical standards. This would indicate there could be another three years of good growth in these markets.

Nigel Green deVere Group
Blog written 28th May

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