60% returns in just three years

02 Jul

I am always delighted to see our Clients benefit from some of the highest investment returns available in the market. In particular I have put considerable effort and resources over recent years into securing the best available Structured Notes propositions for deVere Clients. One such product, the RBS Autocallable 3 Note has matured early today and will return to investors a staggering 60% growth over just 3 years. Launched in July 2010 and linked to the FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Eurostoxx indexes, the underlying basket of indexes would have delivered a total return of 28% from a direct investment into the market over this period whereas the Note has provided Clients with returns of more than double this amount.

During the first 6 months of this year we have seen 18 such products mature early, providing market beating returns and the option for Clients to reinvest into new opportunities. All the Notes available to our clients are offered on an exclusive basis and are backed by some of the World’s biggest and most secure Banks.

Over the summer deVere Group will look to extend it’s range of notes as well as adding to list of muti asset managers.

Nigel Green deVere Group

Blog written 2nd July

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