New research is good news for financial advisers

20 Aug

Nearly half of Britons regard themselves as savers and ‘take a keen interest in savings and investments’, according to research published today by Aviva.

Based on a study of 2,000 adults, 46 per cent say they would class themselves as ‘savers’; 84 per cent claim they are ‘careful with money’; and 56 per cent of those polled insist that they ‘get a buzz from finding good deals on mortgages, savings, and investments.’


Almost 75 per cent say that they have ‘revised their spending’ over the last 12 months – with those aged 35 to 54 years old most likely to have been active in this area.  80 per cent agreed that if individuals were more aware of their spending and better at saving, they would be financially better off.


This study, clearly, is positive news for financial advisers as it demonstrates that people are – or are wanting to be – actively engaged in financial planning.  It suggests that they are prepared to take action to improve their financial situation.  It shows that they are prepared to work with wealth professionals who can help them achieve their goals.


In addition, the findings are encouraging  for individuals too as studies show that those who work with a financial adviser are far more likely to reach their financial objectives – and sooner too – objectives which usually mean being financially secure, even in times of economic volatility.


This research also has wider favourable implications for Britain and its economy.  An enhanced, entrenched savings culture is vital for the country’s long-term economic competitiveness and sustained growth; and if more people become more financially independent, the burden of an ageing and dependant population will be reduced for the State.

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