And the winner is…Capitalism

05 Jun

As the UK prepares for the 2015 general election, the next year will be filled with the usual clash of wills from the main parties.  Labour will, inevitably, be concentrating on the tougher realities of living in the aftermath of a major recession, whilst the Tories will focus on the economic recovery that they say is a result of their policies. 

However, to my mind, what politicians – especially the Conservatives – should be focusing on is extolling the values of capitalism as a ‘concept’. They need to articulate and articulate well how capitalism creates a dynamic economy that’s required for long-term, sustainable growth, and in turn, reject, rebuff and revolt against ‘big government’ and a larger state.

So, why should we be refuelling capitalism?

A flourishing capitalist economy really does make the world a better place.  Going back to 1950, there has been a massive shift towards equal living throughout the world since the structure of capitalism started to thrive.

Looking at Asia, Japan experienced massive growth in the 1950s and 60s by adopting capitalist strategies, and other countries on the continent, such as Taiwan and South Korea soon followed suit.  China has also boomed since the economy was shaped by capitalism.

Companies motivated by profit, and functioning in a market-orientated economy, will lead to growth and innovation, wealth creation and a high-energy, bustling economic society.  Without it, countries will experience economic stagnation.

What are the principal benefits of a capitalist society?

In short, capitalism has led to us all living better lives for longer.  The size of the average family has reduced from 5.5 50 years ago, to 2.5 today.  In the poorer countries of the world, as life expectancy continues to increase, living conditions improve, and healthcare and education keep advancing, all propelled by capitalism, the natural course is for families to get smaller as they reap the benefits of a wealthy, capitalist culture.  By working in a free and competitive market, both the poorest and richest of individuals can operate.

Looking back throughout history, people are living more enriched, rewarding lives now than ever before, with less conflict, more prosperity and increased international economic integration.  All thanks to capitalism.

I only have to focus on deVere Group to see the immense benefits of capitalism in action.  Our continued success on a global scale is due to the free markets in which we operate for our clients.

A capitalist economy has allowed deVere to provide employment for over 1,200 people, which in turn gives them, and their clients, financial freedom and the ability to maximise and safeguard their wealth, so they can plan for their future and enjoy the best lifestyle possible.

Capitalism also allows us to raise significant sums of money for charities all over the world every year that change and enhance the lives of the less fortunate in our society.

In the run-up to next year’s general election, I believe the politicians worth their salt should focus their energies on forming a buoyant, efficient and innovative economy, which will in turn stimulate growth, lead to expansion, increased GDP and greater overall wealth.  I believe they need to focus on capitalism.

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