Quarterly Income Notes issued by deVere Group since 2011

15 Jul

As a company deVere Group have now launched 252 Quartley Income Notes and all have paid all potential coupons.

Obviously these products aren’t right for everybody but for the right client they allow allowing investors to receive a good level of income without taking but I believe to be excessive risk.

When investing my own money I use a range of notes as well as well structured investment funds.

In 2007 the deVere Group made what was considered to be a bold decision at the time by becoming the first major offshore financial brokerage to establish its own Structured Note Program. Working in partnership with a number of the World’s largest and most successful Investment Banks for the past 6 years, deVere has become the largest global provider of Structured Notes in this sector of the market. As well  pioneering the development of 100’s of Autocallable Notes, providing Clients with access to market leading returns in tandem with defined levels of capital protection and the potential for early maturities, in 2011 we launch Quartley Income Notes for clients.

Since commencement over 5,000 deVere Clients have seen their investments mature early with investment returns of up to 63% delivered over a three year investment period. 2014 has again been a spectacularly successful year for deVere Clients with 18 products maturing early.

Always discuss your personal needs with a qualified financial adviser before investing.

Nigel Green deVere Group

Blog written 15th July


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