Nigel Green wins ‘Ops Business Person of The Year’ award

06 May

I am delighted to have received the ‘Ops Business Person of The Year’ award, by prominent U.S. media group FTF News.

The FTF News Awards acknowledge, according to their literature, “the achievements of finance professionals, industry experts, service providers and regulators over the year.”
This award recognises deVere Group’s determined campaigning against the highly contentious Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, better known as ‘FATCA’, which came into effect in July last year.

deVere Group has been crusading against this controversial law, which has negatively impacted such a high number of people and organisations around the world, and could seriously harm the U.S., and therefore the global, economy.

This win will also act as a vehicle for deVere Group to speak out more on tax and personal finance matters to add value and assist our clients as much possible.

In my view, it is paramount that we face the issues that affect clients anywhere in the world head-on, rather than sit back and watch.  On the same note, deVere Group is always in pole position when it comes to determining the global financial services sector and is constantly working to drive up industry standards on an international level.

Winning the ‘Ops Business Person of The Year’ award will provide even further incentive to continue the anti-FATCA campaign and resign this polemical law to the history books.

The Founder and President of FTF, Maureen Lowe says of the Awards: “We had more than 250 nominations overall and nearly 10,000 votes, making this year’s awards’ season the most competitive FTF has ever seen.

“To be recognised as being the best by the industry itself, is something to be truly proud of.”

I look forward to the gala awards ceremony taking place in New York City, and would like to thank everyone who voted as well as FTF for the nomination.

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