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23 May

Most people want to live as long as possible and obviously in a very healthy condition. In addition to this, many like me want to achieve Peak Performance. In my opinion, Peak Performance often requires continuous information processing and decisions to make changes to reactions of the body.


If you listen to advice in the media, you can get totally confused and possibly even start doing the opposite of what you want to achieve. For example, is coffee good or bad? Is fat good or bad? Is protein good or bad? Another topic that is probably even more controversial is vitamins… Are they good or bad? A high number of people take vitamins on a daily basis, but do they improve your health, or possibly even damage it? It is certainly true to say that the food we eat is not as good as what our predecessors used to eat, and due to this, it is virtually impossible to get the nutrients from your diet. Its also true that too much of some vitamins are damaging to your health.

It is my belief that what works for some people doesn’t necessarily work for others. You need to know whats going on inside your body.

I also believe that you can spot most diseases at an early stage, but that said, many people say they wouldn’t even want to know. However I’m sure that they would to know if this means that they could stop the disease from developing by changing their diets.


Let me tell you what I currently do, to try to overcome these issues. I may be wrong, but I really believe it can only help; and testing is key:


1) Check your Vitamin levels, especially Vitamin D. Low D is linked to cancer and many other aliments. My recommendation is to get your vitamin D level tested at least once per year, when your levels are likely to be at its lowest depending on where you live. New Study suggests that optimizing your Vitamin D also reduces your risk of diabetes.

2) Find a great Doctor who understands diet and blood. I use Dr Alexis Shields. This lady is incredible and helps me fine-tune my body.

3) Check for excess calcium build-up. This causes strokes and leads to heart disease and heart attacks and can be avoided.

4) Check for inflammation build up. There are ways to limit inflammation and its the cause of many health problems.


Then, if your crazy like me, YOU EXPERIMENT! For example:

·         I increase the exercise I do. Then I test my blood

·         I try cryotherapy. Then I test my blood again


Currently, I’m trying saunas to see the effect. The latest research say that saunas give you 30% more stamina and make you live 40% longer. Even though I’m impatient, it’s a must to try it out for me; but if my blood work doesn’t improve, I’ll definitely stop.


At the deVere Group we help people plan there money to maximize it’s effect. Nobody wants to be old and poor. If you can plan yourself correctly you can I believe you can achieve health and wealth. Here’s thoughts on the matter in this very short video.

When in Dubai I do my blood tests at eternity medicine.

I’d love to hear other peoples views on planning your health. Please Tweet me on @nigeljgreen

Quick update

Sauna’s weren’t as good for as cryotherapy.  My blood numbers changed massively for the positive with cryotherapy. I do however believe everyone is different so test your blood numbers to see what works for you personally.


  1. What can I say but thank you ! As you inspired me to take check of my health , I never felt better . They ket is the numbers . Using jawbone , blood test everything . The solution is always in the numbers

  2. Excellent article on the importance of keeping the pulse on not only your business, but also your health. Your blood biomarkers give you the information you need to make the subtle changes that improve your quality of life and help you to reach optimal performance and increase longevity. I would also add that the following tests are important to get yearly: cholesterol (VAP preferred), complete blood count, liver and kidney enzymes + electrolytes (often called a comprehensive metabolic panel), fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1c, vitamin D, and a thyroid assessment.

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