deVere Group charges and fees – the truth

21 Jun

deVere Group is not only one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations it is also one of the highest profile.  With this, naturally, comes scrutiny.

One of the matters for which deVere comes under scrutiny – and rightly so as we’re a leading financial brand! – is charges.
We are very direct and open, and always have been, about our fees and charges structure.  Why wouldn’t we be?  It is no-one’s interest to be less than transparent.

Yet there is lots of misinformation about deVere Group fees.  Some websites even claim we charge upfront fees of up to 15pc.  Clearly, this is nonsense – we do not, and would not charge this, and certainly no client would pay 15 per cent fees.

So, let’s set the record straight on deVere fees and deVere charges.

deVere charges fees in jurisdictions such as the UK and the U.S., as all financial firms do.  In these countries’ regulatory environments, financial advice cannot be given on a commission basis, therefore financial advisory organisations charge clients fees.

In the case of deVere, we charge a consultation fee and 1 per cent per annum to look after the client.

The major financial institutions whose financial products we introduce to clients do have charges. These are, of course, 100 per cent transparent and every client signs to confirm they have understood the terms and conditions.

None of the world-leading financial institutions that we have alliances with add extra charges for deVere or its clients. This simply would never happen.

deVere is paid an introducer’s fee from the institutions.

deVere’s clients are, of course, informed and aware of all charges and fees.

This is the truth about deVere charges and fees.


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