Reasons to sort Greece Now

13 Jul

In the same way as letting Lehman bros go to wall letting Greece would be a massive mistake.

1) the concentration will just go to the next country. Causing issues in Portugal, Spain and Italy.
2) confidence in the Euro will be undermined for years. 
3) yes Greece overspent but there are real people genuinely suffering in Greece, often the old and valuable.
4) Germany should have been more sensible in lending the money in the first place. It has to take some responsibility
5) the world needs stability right now. Its already a fragile economy worldwide with the issues in China and the US slowly.
6) is it a Union or not? If so they have compromise.
Yes I agree this  current European Union isn’t sustainable in the long term, but throwing a  sick relative to the wolves isn’t the solution.
Nigel Green deVere Group
Blog written 13/07


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