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Today deVere is holding a conference for 120 of its advisers in Kuala Lumpur. The advisers attending are from deVere offices in Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Sydney, and, of course, Kuala Lumpur.

At deVere we believe that knowledge is potential power. It’s only ‘potential’, as you have to use it. We’ll learn about developments in FX, markets, notes, Qrops and American tax issues.
I will also be doing a presentation at the conference so it’s important that I’m at my best. People often ask how do I stay sharp. The answer is I work at it. I do believe that everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you. This was today’s regime:

1) Sleep well. I used GABA last night (see yesterday’s blog). I don’t drink alcohol when I’m travelling like this, as I know I lose sleep time if I do.

2) Start early, I was up at 4am. I need to prepare my mind and my body.  This, despite having a camera in my face from 6.50 am!!

3) Keep fit. I started the day with 720 kettle bell swings. A kettle bell is easy to use and I can do an intense 15 min work out. I have 25 kettle bells stored in hotels around the world.

4) Use MCT oil. My first drink of the day is coffee with MCT oil. MCT is refined coconut oil. Your body can work on good fat or sugar. Good fat is more effective and better for your brain. I’ll blog about that separately.

5) After the kettle bells and coffee I use a high quality protein shake. This is far better for you than room service. I’m prepared as this often happens when I’m travelling so I bring high quality protein powder with me.

6) I think through clearly what the day requires. I’m sure my COO, Bev, thinks I’m a nightmare, but I’m better preparing on the day itself. I visit the room where I’m going to speak and I get a feel for the environment. The worst mistake I could make, I believe, is preparing too far in advance and getting the wrong talk for the audience.

7) Almonds. I keep lean by eating good food not bad. It’s tempting to eat anything you can when travelling. Often it’s only junk food that’s available. I keep almonds with me all the time.

The above are my essentials for early in the trip. I’ll adjust as I travel, as I may need an extra boost. I’ll blog my ‘extras’ as I use them.

Until next time…


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