Macau conference

Our Asean conference was terrific so I looked forward to the next day where we had a conference in Macau.

After Kuala conference finished I rushed  to the airport leaving at the hotel at 5pm, taking off at 630pm. We landed at ten which left enough time to get to the hotel, sleep by 1115 and up at 430 ready to attack the day. I love coffee and I’m lucky that this gives the the extra boost thats needed !

The conference was amazing. Consultants from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo were all present. The atmosphere electric and all the speakers excelled themselves. In the morning I spoke about Motivation. I gave details of what motivates me but the biggest point I made was that its not what motivates me that counts, its each of us knowing what motivates ourselves.

Matthew Lamb of GAM spoke and as ever he was brilliant. He made the point that the great investors know themselves and know what they are good at. They then stick to that style of investing. GAM look for the best managers in the market place and by knowing what they are good at are able to run one of the best multi asset funds in the market.

In the afternoon, Doug Tucker interviewed me! I finished the day by talking about my vision for deVere and the industry. It was a great day, next was a rush to the airport to hit a 620pm flight to Bangkok and on to Dubai. I nearly missed the connection having to persuade security to let me through without a boarding pass. Im not sure if I would have got away with it except in Thailand.

I land landed at 1230 and was asleep by 1.30 am but as crazy as it seems I was awake by 330 am . I believe in discipline and do my exercise in the morning. I also hit the healthiest diet I can as I know I need the best nutrition possible.

I now have 3 days in Dubai but I know its going to be full on and I’ll be able to enjoy the buzz that a deVere office provides. By 4.30pm I faded badly, knowing I’m traveling hard and by 7pm I am in bed and soundly sleeping. 3 full days in Dubai , then next stop Budapest for a conference with all our consultants in Central Europe.


  1. The Macau conference was outstanding. We all took so much from it, I always get an incredible injection of energy being around Nigel yet further all the people who work for deVere always Synergies to make an electric learning environment.

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