Today we have a conference for all our consultants in Central Europe, included are consultants from Moscow, Warsaw, Prague and of course Budapest offices.

Budapest is a fantastic city and a great opportunity for people wanting to work in the financial industry. As in all of the old Eastern European area, locals as well expats want to invest internationally. Today, we talk about the advantages for International investing, and how to reduce tax with the deVere tax team.

Its great to catch up with the guys and as with previous conferences this week there is always a buzz with deVere consultants. I started the week in KL, then Macau, then Bangkok, then Dubai and now Budapest. Its not the toughest week I’ve had for traveling but its challenging to make sure my energy stays high.

I’m always looking for an edge to gain more energy and stay sharp. Today I’m using amazing grass. Its a combination of green plants plus yerba mate. With this drink I know I’m getting my vitamins and minerals plus the energy I need.

The conference finishes at 3.30pm for me and again a rush for a plane, this time to Milan.  Milan is not only one of coolest cities in the world buts also the location of another terrific deVere office. Although this weekend I’m cheating a little as not only will I get a chance to work with our Milan office but I will get the chance to visit Monza and watch this weekends Grand Prix.


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