deVere is ‘thinking big’ at South China Morning Post’s Game Changers event in Hong Kong

I am delighted to confirm that I have been asked to appear as a keynote speaker at the South China Morning Post’s (SCMP) prestigious Game Changers conference, taking place next month in Hong Kong.

The SCMP, Hong Kong’s – and arguably the whole region’s – largest and most important English-language newspaper, organises a couple of these events each year.  They are always ‘must attend’ events amongst Hong Kong and China’s business community who go to get fresh ideas, powerful insights and strategic growth strategies on a variety of relevant and thought-provoking topics from prominent business leaders from some of the world’s biggest firms.
Many of the speakers at this Game Changers conference in May will deliver speeches to the delegates – however, I have been invited to do something a bit different.   I will be interviewed on stage by the SCMP’s senior editor, Yonden Lhatoo.

The theme they have set for me is: “Changing The Rules of the Game to Achieve Success: Thoughts from a visionary entrepreneur.”

I have been told that the so-called ‘fireside chat’ will include topics such as overcoming rejections, thinking bigger to build a business, keeping the business model simple by cutting out unnecessary complexities, and achieving data agility to satisfy changing business needs and client expectations.

And, of course, being ‘the media’ I’m sure they will throw in some ‘curve ball’ questions/topics too.

I’m really looking forward to returning to experience the perpetual social and business buzz and energy of Hong Kong, which was the birthplace of deVere and which remains a major hub for us, like all major global finance brands.

I’ll keep you updated on the event here on the blog and via social media.

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