Investors will take advantage of post-Brexit opportunities – regardless of Thursday’s vote

Whatever happens on 23rd June, shrewd investors will be making the most of the post-Brexit referendum unpredictability.

Latest polls now show that Thursday’s vote will be tighter than the majority of experts had forecast several weeks ago.

Of course, global financial markets oscillate in reaction to such events as referendums, general elections and other key geopolitical incidents, both leading up to and following.

However, with the Brexit referendum being as close as it is, and indeed therefore so unpredictable due to the impact of the outcome, it is highly probable that the markets will respond conceivably more than they might in other situations.

As such, I fully expect investors will be taking full advantage of the post-Brexit referendum volatility in global financial markets, regardless of which way the vote swings.

Indeed, there are certain individuals who are deterred from investing as a result of volatility, but in reality, many of the most effective investors welcome it with open arms.

This is primarily because lucrative opportunities can be found during times of fluctuation.

Whilst fluctuations can, naturally, cause panic-selling and mis-pricing, it can result in high quality equities become cheaper.  This will allow investors to revamp their portfolios, as well as make the most of lower entry points.  This can, of course, lead to greater potential returns.

One such recent example of this relates to oil.  Prices are up around 70 per cent since the beginning of this year.

Unsurprisingly, all markets are subject to such volatility.  However, investors can effectively capitalise on this volatility and circumvent potential risks, by maintaining a well-balanced portfolio and seeking the help of a high-quality fund manager.

Therefore, with just three days to go until the referendum, whether Vote Remain or Vote Leave is successful, astute investors will be looking for ways to profit as we adjust to the outcome.

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