Investors can still accumulate wealth in today’s climate by following two key rules

There is still ample opportunity for investors to accumulate wealth, even in the risk-laden markets, if they continually drip-feed into the markets and maintain a well-diversified portfolio.

Many return-hungry investors are being blindsided by a series of factors including comments by the Federal Reserve committee as rates are expected to rise imminently; the post-Brexit shockwaves; unstable oil prices; the impending U.S. presidential election in November; uncommon central bank policies in a number of developed countries; the economic slowdown in China and global security threats.

These investors are now claiming they are not getting decent returns, as such geopolitical factors are causing storm clouds that will have a negative impact on markets.  In effect, they view this time of relatively minimal market volatility as the calm before the storm.

Of course, this pessimistic sentiment is being driven by economic analysts, politicians and the media, who are all in contradiction with one another.

However, it is just sentiment.  The fundamental, underlying factors are often being looked over.

Indeed, risks are still present.  They always will be, but if investors remain cautious and somewhat particular, there is an abundance of opportunity and value around in order to grow wealth.

There are two main factors that investors should adhere to in order to accumulate wealth.

Number one, by drip-feeding new money into the markets steadily at a pre-set pace.

Withdrawing from investing is not advisable, as looking back over time, stocks tend to go up over the long-term.  Therefore, if investors are looking to grow wealth over the next decade, they should continue introducing new money and put it to work.

This way, investors can make the most of the potential gains of the longer-term market projections, sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, not all stocks are overvalued.  There is an abundance of high quality equities available at attractive prices since Brexit, for instance.

Number two, portfolios must be well-diversified.

No one region, sector or asset class is a winner all the time, so investors must spread their funds around in order to best mitigate risk and take advantage of opportunities.

Indeed, when a particular region, sector or asset is on the up, this means others are going down.  As such, by diversifying their portfolio sufficiently, if one class is not performing as well as another, the better-performers will sustain the portfolio, keeping financial goals on the right track.

Consequently, despite the current risk-heavy environment, following these two key steps of drip-feeding new money in the markets and constantly maintaining a well-diversified portfolio can help investors continue to grow wealth.

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