deVere Group wins ‘Best Independent Global Financial Advisory Firm 2017’ award

deVere Group has won the Best Independent Global Financial Advisory Firm 2017 award by Global Financial Market Review.

The international, highly prestigious GFM Review awards are renowned for recognising reliability, performausnce and security within the finance indtry. As such, I’m delighted we’ve won this accolade.

GFM says of these awards: “This award recognises the exceptional manner in which deVere Group has focused on delivering both local and global independent client advice. With a complete portfolio of products, deVere Group sits uniquely as one of the largest, truly independent financial advisory firms able to serve clients locally and internationally, and as such it was felt that deVere was rightly named the ‘Best Independent Global Financial Advisory Firm 2017’.

“The process by which GFM Review reached this decision was open and unbiased. The research team identify a number of organizations in a given sector. This is passed to the Nominations Team who in turn contacts those institutions that have been nominated for the specific award. The panel then review the material presented before them and make a decision as to who, in their eyes, is worthy of the award.”

Furthermore, articles published on the GFM website are read by over 40 million people every year. As well as being independently ranked amongst the top 20,000 sites, GFM has more than 700,000 Twitter followers, which shows extensive global reach.

This award is particularly special as it is given by people who know everything about the finance industry, and moreover, during challenging, evolving and ever-more competitive times. They honour the progress, achievement and leadership of global organisations within the financial market.

Indeed, we at deVere are thrilled that our continued hard work, dedication and expertise on an international level, has been acknowledged and celebrated with this prominent award.

The accolade reinforces the laser-like focus shown by our teams across the globe, as we provide a world-class, results-driven service for clients, which has enabled us to lead the way in cross-border financial advice.

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