40,000+ downloads of deVere Vault expected by the end of the year

Get this: Over 40,000 people are forecast to have downloaded deVere Vault by the end of 2017.

There has been overwhelming interest in deVere E Money’s global e-money app since it was launched last month.
Indeed, following our wide-ranging market research, coupled with 15 years’ experience in providing cross-border financial advice to internationally-mobile individuals, globally-focused firms and expats, we recognised the niche and knew there would be significant demand for deVere Vault. However, the level of interest we’ve seen over the past month has been somewhat astonishing.

We expect the level of interest to continue gaining ground over the next few months as more people travel the world over the summer period, as well as one of the major players in the market unpredictably scrapping its similar product, just before the summer holidays get underway.

Furthermore, we have utmost confidence in the success of deVere Vault over the longer-term, for a number of key reasons.

First, an increasing number of people are living international lifestyles, and businesses are becoming more globally-focused. Indeed, this is a sector that is forecast to grow rapidly as the world becomes ever more globalised.

Second, the popularity of money apps is flourishing due to their ultra-convenience, naturally, no-one has the time or proclivity to visit their branch nowadays.

Third, the enhanced security and protection now offered by money apps.

Finally, fourth, people are become far more tech-savvy. Using your smartphone or tablet to perform everyday tasks, including banking, is now considered the norm.

When we introduced deVere Vault to the market, we started with a soft launch by offering it to a select number of clients. The main reason for this was to make sure that this pioneering product, plus our ingress in to the fintech sector, was on point.

We found that 83 per cent of clients who were offered deVere Vault have downloaded the app – amounting to nearly 2,000 people. 61 per cent of these individuals are now using the e-money app.

Feedback we’ve received from these clients has been extremely positive, and we’re delighted with the great value and service the app offers clients. Following the soft launch, our most recent projections reveal over 40,000 people will have downloaded deVere Vault by the end of 2017.

As such we’re thrilled about this app, which has been exclusively driven by demand, as more people are looking to access, manage and utilise their funds immediately and effortlessly, wherever they are, at the best rates.

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