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International Investment made the move from print to digital this week, and I am honoured to be featured on the front page and in The Big Interview, in the very first ‘e-zine’ digital edition.

Filmed at deVere’s offices in Malta last month, International Investment’s Gary Robinson carried out the video interview, which covers some of our biggest challenges, the group’s move into the fintech sector, deVere’s plans for the next five years, and a lot more!

Being as open and honest as possible during interviews is paramount, which is something I always try to do.

Gary started off by asking me about an ‘average day at the office’. As I spend so much of my time travelling, no two days are the same. With offices from Asia to Australia, I try to plan my day around the different time zones.

In addition, we discussed the ways in which deVere constantly adapts to regulatory changes worldwide. Perhaps one of the most significant obstacles we’ve faced this year has been the amended QROPS legislation – adding a 25 per cent levy to pension transfer business from the UK to countries outside the EU – which most certainly came as a surprise to the industry. Indeed, as a result of this change, we decided to advance our organisation’s Strategic Review.

Further on in the interview, we talked about the deVere Vault banking app launched earlier this year. Following our extensive market research into key fintech development, we recognised the niche and knew there would be significant demand for deVere Vault.

I demonstrated to Gary how the app works, and how simple it is to open a deVere Vault account in a matter of minutes, withdraw cash from any ATM across the globe, get real-time notifications on all transactions and undertake immediate cross-border, multi-currency transfers to anywhere in the world.

Perhaps one of the most important subjects we discussed in the video interview was the culture within deVere. Indeed, culture is absolutely crucial for any business. You have to enjoy your job, if you don’t, why are you doing it? It is certainly the CEO’s job to make sure the culture of the company is right. And I think within deVere it definitely is!

Many thanks to Gary Robinson and International Investment for featuring me in The Big Interview in its first multimedia publication. Check out the full interview here.

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