LinkedIn Talent Awards – Finalist

Finalists for the ‘Most Social Executive on LinkedIn in Middle East and North Africa’ award were announced earlier this month, and I’m honoured to say I made the Top 5.

The world’s largest professional network holds the LinkedIn Talent Awards every year, described as ‘an exclusive event gathering executives from leading companies in MENA to be inspired, meet peers and celebrate success’.

Following on from the LinkedIn Power Profiles award I won last year – a list of 45 profiles of professionals including CEOs from the public sector, as well as marketing, advertising, technology, human resources and lifestyle industries – just being nominated amongst the outstanding candidates is an incredible honour, so I’m extremely proud to make the Top 5 finalists.

Of course, today, social media has never been more influential to business.

However, according to a study conducted by Domo and, 61 per cent of Fortune 500 CEOs are not active on any of the major social networks. Even if they do have an account it was also found that it was not active.

Conversely, as a CEO, I enjoy being extremely active on social media, and recognise and adopt the many reasons why having a strong social media presence is so vital.

And I’m not alone! Sir Richard Branson has mastered the technique of encouraging people to relate to his brand, and revealing his personality on social media. He does this by offering career advice, sharing personal anecdotes or giving the world a glimpse into his life. Followers embrace this accessibility through social media, making them feel a part of his world.

Another reason for CEOs and business leaders to maintain a strong presence on social media is to share important values. As Arianna Huffington says; “When it comes to championing causes, social media can be a valuable tool for sharing your values and your causes. Social media can be used for mindless escape, or for the opposite, for connection and meaning.”

Like many others, I appreciate that learning and developing by connecting with other business leaders on social media allows businesses and people to continue to grow. As Bill Gates states: “I see what other people are doing, what they think is interesting, so I’m learning from other people all the time.”

Indeed, increased interaction and sharing is the way forward for the future, and a key networking tool for businesses. These reasons, amongst many others, to my mind, are crucial aspects of social media, and why I’m delighted to have made the Top 5 ‘Most Social Executive on LinkedIn in Middle East and North Africa’ profiles.

Thank you, LinkedIn!






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