Good news week for Stellar and Monero

The cryptocurrencies Stellar Lumens and Monero, both of which have been added to deVere Crypto, our pioneering crypto exchange app, this week, have received extremely positive news in the media.

At the same time Stellar was added on to deVere Crypto, IBM made the decision to utilise Stellar for its first crypto-token on a public blockchain, as part of a new partnership between IBM and carbon credit start-up, Veridium Labs Ltd.
It’s hoped this new partnership will change the carbon credit market by using IBM’s stellar-based blockchain technology, to run the carbon footprint accounting and offsetting process.

In addition, in regard to Monero, this cryptocurrency has been gaining traction since the beginning of the year, and in news this week, the price is trading at $200 on Thursday, an increase of 4 per cent in just 24 hours.

Furthermore, forecasts have shown that Monero could exchange at $650 by the end of 2018, whilst the five-year prediction places the currency at $2,000.

We made the timely decision to add these two digital currencies to the app’s existing offerings this week – joining Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Dash (DASH) – primarily because of skyrocketing demand driven by cryptocurrencies becoming ever more mainstream, and clients wanting a more extensive crypto portfolio.

As is stands, as demand for digital currencies continue to surge, it is becoming much more difficult for investors to ignore their potential opportunities. More and more people are recognising and responding to the need for digital, global and decentralised currency.

Indeed, Monero’s focus on privacy is one of the main aspects of this cryptocurrency that makes it remain relevant within the market.

As I’ve been quoted by the media as saying previously, each digital coin has different traits, strengths and values to appeal to clients, helping them to achieve a sufficiently diversified portfolio within the crypto asset class.

Furthermore, the individual characteristics of each cryptocurrency makes them attractive and useful to investors in different ways and highlights their potential in today’s globalised world.

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