The importance of goals and systems in life

In order to succeed in life, you need to set goals. Everyone knows this.
Whether the goal is to buy your dream house, earn that longed-for promotion, lose weight, quit smoking, eat a better diet, make a better life for your family, or perhaps more short-term, daily goals, the way to make your objective a reality is by implementing a process or system.

Without a process, you cannot accomplish your goals. A process makes all the difference.

Every morning I set out my goals for the day and I have a clear vision in my mind of what I need to do and what I want to achieve in order to succeed.

I have a routine. A process. Things that I know will make a difference.

I live by the rule, ‘if I haven’t yet achieved my goals for the day, then the day isn’t over’.

In this short video I explain the importance of having a process, using an example of somebody who wants to lose weight. Having willpower and a goal isn’t enough. The person that will successfully lose weight has a goal and a system.

Make sure you have a process in your life, a set system to stick to so you can successfully achieve your goals.

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