Build trust and call out crypto demagogues: My address at DELTA summit

Last week’s inaugural DELTA Summit, Malta’s official blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital event, was a triumphant success.

More than 3,500 delegates and speakers from across the world attended the two and a half day summit organised by serial entrepreneur, fintech expert and Maltese government adviser, Dr Abdalla Kablan and his team.

deVere had a large presence at the summit, with a stand to promote our two major fintech propositions: deVere Vault, the global e-money app, and deVere Crypto, the cryptocurrency trading app.

In addition, it was a real pleasure to have been invited to address the delegates, alongside world-leading financial, cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, as well as top-level names in politics, including the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat.

I’m told that my keynote speech went down very well in the conference centre, I felt that too – and I certainly hope it did as I am a passionate advocate of crypto and blockchain. But it was also, apparently, considered by many to be controversial.

I said that building trust in cryptocurrencies is key if we are to truly realise their full potential of improving society, and redefining and reshaping how we use and manage money, how we work, and how we govern.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain sector must, I told the Summit, actively call out crypto demagogues like John McAfee, who make exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims; that we must do more to prove cynics, like Warren Buffet, wrong; and push for a global regulatory framework to offer both retail and institutional investors more confidence and protections.

The address also praised the bold and pioneering steps being taken by Prime Minister Muscat and the Government of Malta, which, thanks to its future-forward policies and legislation, have put Malta way out in front as an international leader in all matters crypto, blockchain and digital.

The government, like me, knows that the future of money is cryptocurrency. In today’s digital and global world it just makes sense!

I am thoroughly looking forward to next year’s Delta Summit.

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