deVere offers Contactless Advice service amid COVID-19 spread

deVere is now offering free financial advice to anyone across the globe on a remote basis.

As reported by International Investment, International Adviser, Fintech Finance, Financial Reporter, Money Management, Private Banker International, Financial Standard and Mortgage Introducer, amongst other media, we made the decision to launch our Contactless Advice service for four key reasons.

First, social distancing is at present the only way we can combat the spread of coronavirus. For this reason, an increasing number of countries are going into lockdown and more and more people into mandatory or self-imposed isolation to help contain the spread of the virus. As such, they may not be able to see their financial adviser in person as they would normally.

Second, the economic landscape is changing. The global economy is facing a short, deep recession. Like always, we’ll see new industries appear and, naturally, there will be winners and losers in regard to sectors, jobs and salaries, which will directly hit people’s finances.

Third, we’re heading towards a period of negative interest rates which will impact people’s investment decisions and other financial issues.

Finally, fourth, because the prolonged volatility will lead to certain challenges that will need to be resolved, however there will also be significant buying opportunities that will arise and ways in which to bolster retirement income.

As such, in the face of coronavirus, in order to create, accumulate and protect their wealth, investors need to revise their portfolios so as to sidestep risks and make the most of the opportunities that come about.

Utilising existing technology and industry-leading apps, deVere is in a position to offer unparalleled financial advice to clients from their homes.

It’s essential that during these difficult times we all need to do our bit, and by taking away physical interactions from our services people can enjoy peace of mind that their health and indeed wealth will stay secure.

The free Contactless Advice service will comprise of a wealth scan in which people will discuss their financial goals with their professional adviser and address any questions they may have. The service also includes a fact find in which the adviser will discuss their client’s current financial position; and also a customised report which will be analysed by the adviser and the recommended next steps, should they be required, will be discussed with the client.

Using deVere’s pioneering app, people will be able to track their entire portfolio and financial strategy in real time, as well as schedule an e-meeting with their adviser if needed.

The world is evolving rapidly, and a short-term global recession sparked by coronavirus, followed by the subsequent recovery, will have long, far-reaching implications for people’s wealth.

Many experts agree that it is never a good idea to take a DIY-approach to finances, and with the financial and economic landscape changing so quickly, I would add that this is definitely not the time to take this stance.

Indeed, with this free contactless service, offering professional independent advice there’s no need to.

The trailblazing Contactless Advice service is made for today’s world, with client experience and outcome expectations at the forefront.

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